{Boat Rates} Villa Bali Eco Resort Thailand

Boating Rates

Turtle Island (Kho Man Nai)บาท 7,000 Baht
Kho Thaluบาท 9,500 Baht
Kho Man Nai, Kho Thalu
บาท 12,000 Baht
Kho Samedบาท 13,000 Baht
Kho Thalu, Kho Samedบาท 14,000 Baht
Kho Man Nai, Kho Thalu, Kho Sametบาท 16,000 Baht

The boat can accommodate up to 40 people, if more than 20 people add 1,000 Baht for each trip. Lunch 250 Baht per person with soft drinks, and fruit (includes water and ice).

We can make arrangements for diving equipment.

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